About Us

Handpicked products and brands that let you bring your ideas, both we see furniture as a conscious effort in which the function, needs and lifestyle, as well as the quality of meticulously selected materials make up a harmonious whole. This gives us the motivation to ensure top quality and follow it up for excellent customer care to provide an undisturbed experience.

Our range of products such as furniture, wall finishes are made in collaboration with the best of European brands- Paged, Zano, Trizzano, Vescom and Noti. Having said that, the collaboration doesn’t take us away from our Make in India while providing the best quality and design to our customers.

Our customer’s needs, expectations and aspirations are of utmost priority as furnishing a space is a deeply personalised experience for anybody. We work effortlessly to give our clients the best-in-class service. We customise as you dream for!!

Why Choose Us

Customer Service

24x7 availability and short turnaround time

Delivery Time

Adhere to delivery timelines and efficient process. 4-6 weeks


Meticulous quality control and smooth delivery process

Our Values

Furnishing a space is a deeply personal experience, we take customer experience very seriously. We work tirelessly to provide all our clients with top-of-the-line customer service.

Vendor Brands